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Clear About Whites

Crazy about Kegs!

  • Environmentally Friendly
    Re-usable kegs hold the equivalent of 26 bottles - Reducing the carbon footprint of the wine significantly through (1) greater efficiency in shipping of the wine; and (2) reducing waste/trash by eliminating the need for glass, cork, capsules.
  • Freshness
    First glass as fresh as the last. The tap system uses inert gas to preserve the wine as it is pushed through the system, thus eliminating oxidation and preventing spoilage.
  • Convenience
    Kegs are more compact and take up less inventory, trash and recycle space than 26 bottles.
  • Improved Profitability
    Industry average waste of by the glass wine 
    programs is 10-15% - eliminating this waste significantly improves the profitability of your wine program.

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